Ever needed a tattoo eraser?


Even the best tattoo artists sometimes slip up! If only they could have an eraser just like on the end of a pencil… well now they can.

Laser Tattoo Removal is quickly becoming one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the UK. With the advancements in laser technology, the results have improved massively over the last few years. By utilising various laser wavelengths and pulse durations, laser technology can now target different tattoo ink colours, effectively removing them over a course of treatments.

Many professional tattoo artists are noticing a demand for Tattoo Removal, whether the customer just wants to fix an old tattoo, or make room for a new tattoo, it makes sense that they go to an established tattoo expert who can provide a range of services.

There are a number of laser tattoo removal machines out there that often provide a range of additional treatments, such as pigmentation removal, carbon peels and skin toning, depending on the range of wavelengths & pulse widths. Q10 Laser and PicoMax are at the forefront of this technology with high power & multiple treatment options.

Laser Technology

Q10 Laser is a Q-SWITCHED Nd:YAG Laser. Q10 Laser produces very short bursts of energy which are capable of producing massive amounts of power instantly. This peak power is highly effective in breaking up pigmentation & colour / tattoo ink in the skin.

PicoMax is a Picosecond Laser. Creating an intense photoacoustic impact in trillionths of a second. PicoMax makes tattoo removal even easier. The 1064nm wavelength targets black, blue, and green tattoo inks, while the 532nm wavelength offers effective treatment of red, yellow and orange inks, which are typically hard to correct.


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