Q10 Tattoo Removal in Warwickshire


You can now find Q10 Laser Tattoo Removal treatments at Helen Taylor Aesthetics Clinic in Rugby. Helen Taylor can help you to rejuvenate your looks with the latest anti-ageing treatments that are TaylorMade to suit you, your skin and your needs.

Helen Taylor offers a wide range of tried and tested high-tech treatments including our popular semi-permanent cosmetics for brows, eyes and lips, body sculpting, fat loss treatments and high-tech facials.

About Q10 Laser

With up to four different wavelengths we’re able to treat even the wildest variety of tattoo colours. The Q10 is a high-quality, multi-application, Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser which produces very short bursts of energy which are capable of producing massive amounts of power instantly Our Q10 Laser utilises a range of different energy frequencies (up to 1064 nanometers) along with multiple operating modes to target deeper skin layers and larger treatment areas, removing targeted pigments selectively with minimal impact on the dermis and epidermis. This ensures maximum comfort during the treatment and faster skin regeneration. Think: less down time and aftercare.


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