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Our tattoo removal clinics offer treatments from fully skilled therapists using our gold-standard Q10 and PixoMax lasers, along with the help of topical anaesthetic, to ensure maximum comfort throughout your treatment with us. The ability to have both types of laser at our disposal means whatever your tattoo type, colour or skin tone we’ll be able to offer you the fresh start you desire.


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Discover the Q10 Laser:

With up to four different wavelengths we’re able to treat even the wildest variety of tattoo colours. The Q10 is a high-quality, multi-application, Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser which produces very short bursts of energy which are capable of producing massive amounts of power instantly.

Our Q10 Laser utilises a range of different energy frequencies (up to 1064 nanometers) along with multiple operating modes to target deeper skin layers and larger treatment areas, removing targeted pigments selectively with minimal impact on the dermis and epidermis. This ensures maximum comfort during the treatment and faster skin regeneration. Think: less down time and aftercare.


Discover the PicoMax Laser:

The PicoMax is the world’s most advanced tattoo removal laser technology for tattoos that are likely to require longer sessions to remove due to colour, overall size or pigment depth. Different pigments within the skin have different light absorption ranges. Unlike other lasers the PicoMax can remove ALL colours. It works in the same way as Q10 but delivers each pulse in Picoseconds compared to nanoseconds.

Now for some science…

One pico second is one trillionth of a second and is x1000 times faster than a nanosecond. This rapid delivery technology is more effective at fragmenting the pigment, with end results being achieved faster in fewer treatment sessions, reducing discomfort. What’s not to love? Prior to each treatment, the energy required, spot size and repetition rate used to treat your tattoo will be determined during an initial patch test and consultation.



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