How it Works


Science and nature

In the ultimate blend of science and nature, laser tattoo removal works by delivering focused beams of light directly into the skin, breaking down the tattoo pigment present into microscopic fragments. This micro-debris then gets absorbed by immune cells found in the Dermis layer of the skin (Dermal Macrophages) and subsequently removed by the body’s lymphatic drainage system.


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Are all Lasers the same?

Absolutely not, and that’s what sets us apart

For a laser to be effective at tattoo laser removal, it must be able to emit the required energy for the particular pigment it’s targeting in order to give an effective treatment. Different pigments within the skin have different absorption spectrums and therefore need different levels of power for the ink to be broken up.

The most common laser technology for tattoo removal is a QSwitched NdYAG laser. These are now standard practice in the industry and consequently there are many of these types of laser treatments available.

Broadly they fall into two subtypes: ‘active’ and ‘passive’.

Passive Lasers:

Most commonly, alternative providers use Passive Qswitched NdYAG lasers, which are small top devices that deliver the laser to the skin from a handpiece. These are lower powered lasers and whilst they can be effective for cosmetic tattoo removal or for fading professional tattoos, they are far less effective at full clearance. Not ideal when you’re after a completely fresh start.

Active Lasers:

In contrast, an Active QSwitched NdYAG laser has an articulated arm through which the laser light is delivered to the skin. These lasers are high powered and deliver each pulse of light incredibly quickly in order to achieve the maximum amount of pigment breakdown during each session.




The Cosmeditech difference:

Our Q10 and PixoMax lasers are both high powered Active Qswitched ND YAG lasers that use the most advanced, safe and effective technology on the market.. Both are medical grade and FDA cleared for ultimate peace of mind.



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