The Treatment


Hair Removal as unique as you are

All of our Q10 or PicoMax Laser clinics offer free consultations so they can assess your suitability for the treatment, set realistic expectations as to what’s achievable in your case and explain all costs involved. Each treatment plan is based on your goals, your individual design and your skin tone.

Based on the information we gather from the consultation we will then tailor your course of treatments specifically to your unique requirements. We recommend staggering each session 6 weeks apart (at minimum) to allow the skin to heal and for maximum removal of the shattered pigment.


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Is it painful?

You may experience some discomfort during and after treatment but this can be minimised. Our Q10 and PicoMax laser clinics place your comfort at the heart of each treatment by using effective cooling treatments. We use a variety of methods to cool the skin in order to minimise discomfort. This may involve topical anaesthetic cream, cold air systems, cold rollers or ice packs and cooling sprays.

How many sessions are required?

Our market leading technology significantly reduces the amount of session time required, however, effective tattoo removal often requires several sessions to penetrate the varying depths of ink in the skin. The number of sessions you may require will be based on a number of factors:

  1. The type of tattoo: was your current design created by an amateur or a professional? Amateur tattoos can be cleared within 2-6 sessions whereas professional tattoos can take 6-12+ due to the higher density and depth of ink in the skin. If you’re looking to remove cosmetic tattoos such as permanent makeup, these can take between 1 and 4 sessions.
  2. Your unique skin tone: are you fair or darker skinned? Lighter skin tones tend to have a faster success rate as darker skin tones are more susceptible to the risk of hypopigmentation, and require a more cautious treatment plan.
  3. The colour in your tattoo: Colours like black, brown and navy are the easiest to remove as they absorb the light extremely well. Lighter colours such as green and sky blue are more challenging as they require different wavelengths and more sessions.





Recovery time can vary from person to person. Some individuals may not notice any redness, while others struggle with localised soreness for a while post treatment.

It is normal to see redness and swelling of the skin immediately after each treatment and occasionally pin-point bleeding or blistering directly on the treatment area. A sterilised dressing will be applied to keep the area dry and clean after your session. If you’re in discomfort, keeping the treatment area cool after treatment can help. Using a cold compress on the area works well just be mindful not to rub, scratch or otherwise irritate the treatment area.

Initial sensitivity and discomfort tends to reduce significantly within 24 hours and until then, you’re advised not to apply makeup (where applicable) or any body or skincare products on the area until healed.



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